Coaching Services

Unlike other coaching programs, I do not use a cookie cutter approach. My process starts from scratch with each client. I help develop a coaching program that allows you achieve your desired goals. This is a highly personalized process that is tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Because of this approach, coaching clients need to be seriously committed in both their effort and investment in themselves.

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Coaching Services

The gold standard

This intensive 26-week program consists of a one hour session each week and unlimited access via email and text. The sessions can be conducted either in person, by telephone or by video conference.

The Top Tier program begins with a two-hour session to identify your internal struggles and deepest challenges. Next, we clarify and focus your primary objectives and sense of fulfillment. This where we embark on your self-discovery journey. From the first session, your personal roadmap is created and the journey begins!

Retainer Coaching Program

Do you have specific day to day questions that need a fresh perspective?

I offer a coaching retainer program which includes a bi-weekly 30-minute phone call and intermittent communication with me by email or text for quick questions and advice that’s not addressed on the bi-weekly calls. This package is offered on a monthly basis.

Group Coaching Mentoring

If you’re having struggles with a group of employees, a sales team, business colleagues or family members,group coaching and mentoring is also available. Each program is tailored to the individual needs of the group and priced on a case-by-case basis.

This is an eight-week program and consists of specifically designed lessons around the needs of the group. Each session will build upon the previous session by focusing on the desired outcome while exploring the recurring issue and challenges that arise.

The program is designed to build camaraderie among the group and strengthen the bonds of confidence and trust in each other. But, the program can be designed to address each member’s individual need, while still maintaining the connection between each member of the group. The content and direction of the sessions depends solely upon the agreed upon parameters set by the group.

Laser Coaching

1 on 1 intensely focused coaching for one hour to focus on a single problem. You go deep, get to the point, and we stay on course until the issue is resolved. It is usually fast pace, intense and no-nonsense.

This is for you if:

  • You are willing to be open and willing to speak 100% honest from the beginning
  • You have a narrowly defined and clear goal/focus for the call
  • You are willing to trust the coach and the process
  • You know what the obstacle is; but aren’t sure how to move forward

Rapid solution or Redirect: (1 hour, one time laser session)

A one-hour laser session helps you get unstuck and quickly move forward. It helps give you a different perspective and allows you to shine a light on a specific blockage, issue or problem.

Redirect your energy quickly and make you aware of your habits and viewpoints that are keeping you stuck.

Payment is required in advance

Master Blaster Package is (3 x 1 hour laser session on subject of your choice)

One call may not give you the break through you need. If you feel you need more, the Master Blaster Package provides a short term burst of laser-focused coaching.

The most effective use of this package is to focus on one topic for three sessions. This package gets you quickly moving in the right direction without long-term commitment.

Payment is required in advance

By the Hour Sessions

Sessions by the hour are designed for you to quickly check in with me, and receive support and guidance on your day to day issues. These hourly sessions will provide you with insight fast, all without long-term commitment.