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"I’ve never officially had a 'life coach' before, but it seemed natural that I would trust my path with Esther. But then I started thinking and actually I came to the realization that Esther has been my life coach for the past 19 years. She has been a mentor to me as I learned the Seattle communities and worked with many non-profit organizations. She guided me spiritually as I yearned to know more. She worked with me to develop my personal training goals to achieve a better physical sense of self, confidence and fitness. Thank you Esther!"

Irene Tcruz Shimizu

Vice President of Human Resources

"If you are in crisis because you feel the world is closing in on you, Esther's coaching will save your life. Esther's gentle coaching manner is thoughtful, free of prejudice or bias, and deeply comforting. My coaching experience came at a crucial time in my life and helped me to focus on the central values that I have. Esther demonstrated how to incorporate my living true to those values every day. The tools were more than life skills because they were centered in my spirituality something I carry with me all the time. ‍ "When there is a change in our lives, a transition that forces us to examine who we are and what we truly want, we need to know there is a method by which happy people love their lives. Accepting a life coach was my first step to discovering how to embrace the truth that I was worthy of happiness....a belief that was taken from me by life's unfortunate and sometimes cruel events."

Monica Benton

Federal Magistrate

"Esther was phenomenal to work with. As a millennial, I was skeptical at first about how coaching worked and if it could help. Esther was more than capable, she helped me work through issues from childhood that were holding me back from reaching the success I wanted as an entrepreneur. I also had a lot of resentment toward my mom that I didn't want to feel anymore and Esther helped me work through those thoughts so they not only wouldn't hold me back in business and in my relationships but improved my relationship with my mom."

Elisia Howard

College Consultant

"When I first started my coaching sessions, I needed guidance with my business, but little did I know she would help me look deeper inside of me and allowed me to see personal obstacles and short comings that was affecting me personally and my business. If you’re ready for someone to challenge you, to help you grow as an individual and business owner, then you need Esther Jones-Alley."

Shameka Day

"Esther has helped me in both coaching and counseling over the years and surely helped me through some rough patches in life. She tells it how it is and calls you out on your faults then helps you navigate through the growth of repair."

Trisha Adams

Real Estate Agent

"From the very first meeting, it became abundantly clear that Esther was going to help me to help myself to a better way of living my best life. With each coaching session, she has provided me with the right tools, balanced insight and even-handed guidance to help me do the work to re-focus and re-shape my mind, body and spirit… She has a wonderful way of seamlessly integrating her own life experiences as learning moments to help me to better understand and navigate through my own life challenges. She is making this very challenging journey a beautiful one and that is one of the greatest gifts that one person could give to another. A journey always starts with a step and I’m glad that my first step started with Esther."

Stan Shimizu

"For most of my life, I've been into self-development always seeking ways of being the best version of me possible at that time. When I first met Esther, I didn't realize she was a life coach let alone a spiritual one. But I also remember thinking that she should be one. When the time was right, I began my coaching sessions with her. She helped me improve ALL of my relationships, including my relationship with my husband, my children and especially with my mom. Coaching with Esther has shown me how to look at things with a different perspective...a more positive perspective. She also helped me get out of the victim mentality and she helped me realize that I am in a control of my own destiny. Coaching with Esther has left a lifelong impression on me and whenever I feel stuck I go back to the basics that Esther has taught me. If you feel, unhappy, frustrated, or stuck on the hamster wheel, you should call her and give yourself a chance always be the best version of you!"

Jolyn Hohnstein


"I've long had a distaste for 'life coaching' as a personal option, that is until I experienced Esther Jones-Alley Coaching. It was my perception of criticism that I believed would be inherent in any coaching experience that turned me off from seeking help to literally, live my best life. I must be like millions of people that place energy and focus into the unknown, rather than excavate the majesty of truth and freedom. With Esther as my coach and a true partner on my journey, I am now in possession of an amazing set of keys that constantly unlock my best self."

Vivian Phillips

Esther is phenomenal! Her understanding of Spirit and our connection to Spirit and each other transformed my life! I highly recommend Esther's services to all those who are seeking self-awareness and clarity regarding their life journey.

David Johnson

Esther pulled me through what may have been the most difficult part of my life, the decline and death of my mother. At times she held my mom's hand, giving me the space to try to manage my own pain. Her care, patience and advice was always insightful. I always felt that I was being guided toward the light. That despite my grief and copious tears, a future of many possibilities was still in front of me. Those possibilities included many ways to honor my mother's legacy, her work and all the spiritual and intellectual gifts she invested in me. And if that wasn't enough, Esther helped me sort out what was important in the moment and what could wait. I can't thank her enough.

Paris Williams