You are exceptional

What is holding you back from your dreams?

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Activating the divine spark within
Awakening the Lightbeing I am

You are exceptional.
What is holding you back from your dreams?

Hi, I’m Esther Jones-Alley

As a certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, I can help you find your way to your truest, most authentic self. It is possible to make the transformations that change the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that have kept you stuck in old habits and limiting beliefs.

I take pride in supporting each client with the highest care as they uncover and incorporate their own unique core gifts into their life work. I help clients tap into the infinite wisdom of their Higher Self to provide healing, growth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and forward movement.
Working with me is like adding Rocket Fuel to all the things you crave, i.e., great relationships, becoming a great parent, being successful in your business, strong and, loving marriages and serenity. alignment, and peace within.

Welcome to the Journey!

Let me support you in creating your own exceptional life journey.

"Esther has helped me in both coaching and counseling over the years and surely helped me through some rough patches in life. She tells it how it is and calls you out on your faults then helps you navigate through the growth of repair."

Trisha Adams

Real Estate Agent

Esther Jones-Alley

Coaching offerings

The Awakening:

A new way of seeing the world Group Coaching  (4-months)

VIP Mindset Transformation:

Creating new outcomes1:1 Private Coaching (6-mo / 12-mo)

The Awakening

A new way of seeing the world
Group Coaching  (4-months)

What if the way you see the world is creating the reality you are experiencing? In this 4-month program, we will reset and upgrade your mindset through weekly group coaching sessions and targeted lessons.

VIP Mindset Transformation

Creating new outcomes
1:1 Private Coaching (6-mo / 12-mo)

You know more is possible and you have even greater things you are being called to do. To reach the next level, it’s time to transform the mindset that is holding you back to create the new outcomes you are ready to welcome in.